1.The agreed prices are fixed prices and shall preclude additional charges of any kind. Costs for packaging and transport to the agreed place of receipt or goods acceptance as well as for customs formalities and customs duties are included in these prices. If no prices are stated in the order, the supplier’s current list prices with the customary commercial deductions shall apply.

2.Within the framework of performance, the supplier shall observe all relevant statutory provisions and regulations, in particular environmental protection, hazardous goods and accident prevention regulations, and shall ensure the security of the supply chain in accordance with the relevant customs regulations and comply with the generally recognised technical safety rules.

3.Each delivery shall be announced to us promptly after execution by means of a dispatch note, which is precisely structured according to type, quantity and weight. Dispatch notes, bills of lading, invoices, delivery notes specifying the exact delivery address (Plant I or Plant II) and all correspondence shall contain our order number.

4.Unless otherwise agreed in writing or in text form, delivery shall be made at the risk and expense of the supplier, carriage paid to our factory, or the destination specified by us including packaging, insurance and customs (DDP IncotermsĀ® 2020). The risk of accidental loss or accidental deterioration of the goods shall only pass to us after delivery of the goods at our incoming goods department (place of performance) or at the alternatively agreed place of receipt, e.g. the place of installation in a hall of a factory (then place of performance there).

5.All deliveries shall be covered by transport insurance on our part. We are therefore a customer who is exempt from forwarding insurance, The supplier shall notify the forwarding agent or carrier of this.

6.If, in exceptional cases, non-packaging-free delivery has been agreed, the supplier shall choose the type of packaging most favourable to us. We shall be entitled to reduce any packaging costs that are charged at too high a level in the invoice. Packaging that is in a good or reusable condition shall be returned by us promptly to the supplier carriage paid against a remuneration of 2/3 of the value stated in the invoice for this purpose.

7.In all other respects, the obligation to take back the packaging shall be governed by statutory provisions. Goods shall be packed in such a way that transport damages are avoided. Packaging materials shall only be used to the extent necessary to achieve this objective, in this context only environmentally friendly packaging materials shall be used. All damages caused by unsuitable packaging shall be borne by the supplier.

8.Any returns are to be agreed with Rhoco ES Ltd in the first case. Both verbally and then in writing, no credit will be issued if these steps are not taken. Statuary rights are not effected.